Jamaican High Commission


Message from Her Excellency Sheila Sealy Monteith

High Commissioner for Jamaica to Canada

December 2011


Fellow Jamaicans and Friends of Jamaica,

We approach the Christmas Season of 2011 and the onset of the New Year 2012 with a deep sense of gratitude for the blessings of the past year. We thank God for graciously bestowing these on us. Our achievements give us reason to rejoice. We reflect also on the challenges and missed opportunities and in doing so we pledge to use them to strengthen our resolve to work harder and to do better in 2012.

We remember those who continue to find it difficult to make good on their lives and pray for courage and endurance for them. So too we keep close in our collective memories those of our nationals, families and friends who have passed on, creating voids which will be difficult to fill.

This past year has been a busy and exciting one for the many who embraced the task of planning for the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Jamaica's Independence in 2012. We will be joining Jamaicans at home and elsewhere in the Diaspora to 'feel the soul and spirit of a nation', the theme for the celebration of our Golden Jubilee.

I am pleased at the energy, enthusiasm, and dedication displayed by the ten Jamaica 50 Committees established across Canada, from Toronto to Montreal, Vancouver to Winnipeg and cities in between. I look forward to all of us joining in the celebrations and enjoying the myriad artistic, cultural, civic, sports, philanthropic, religious and commercial activities, among others, which collectively form part of JAMAICA 50 CANADA. I invite you to 'JUMP FOR JAMAICA' IN 2012!

Even as the celebrations unfold in Canada and around the world, you are encouraged to find some time to return home and be a part of the GRAND JAMAICA HOMECOMING. There is sure to be something in all of the celebratory activities that will excite your interest. It is also important to note that beyond the celebrations of the year, we are working towards a legacy impact for future generations. There will be many opportunities to give back and to share with others, in our communities in Jamaica and in Canada.

I am deeply grateful for the support that, as High Commissioner for Jamaica to Canada, my staff and I have received from you, my Jamaican family in Canada. You continue to make us proud in the way in which you have distinguished yourselves in all areas of productive life in this country. Recognizing the presence and contributions of Jamaicans in Canada will be central to our 50th anniversary celebrations and simultaneously, the commemoration in 2012 of the 50th anniversary of the formal establishment of diplomatic relations between Jamaica and Canada.

On behalf of the Government and people of Jamaica, the staff of the Jamaica High Commission in Ottawa, Honorary Consuls of Jamaica across Canada, the heads of all agencies of the Government of Jamaica operating in Canada and my own family, I extend to all a peaceful and blessed season and every good wish for hope, prosperity and happiness in the New Year.

Continue to grow where you are planted!



Sheila Sealy Monteith

High Commissioner for Jamaica to Canada


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