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Human Remains
Human Remains Shipping of Human Remains to Jamaica

Shipping of Human Remains to Jamaica

The following are the requirements of the Jamaican Government regarding the shipment of Human Remains.

Non-Cremated Remains

*       Death certificate stating the cause of death

*       Embalming Certificate including a statement by the person authorised to prepare the remains, indicating the manner and method of preservation. 

*       Transit permits stating name and age of the deceased, issued by the competent authority where the individual died, or the place of burial in case of exhumed human remains.  

*       Health Approval - in cases of death resulting from a communicable disease e.g. cholera, prior approval should be sought from the Department of Public Health, Ministry of Health Jamaica.  When in doubt the Funeral Home receiving the          remains should consult the Department of Public Health 

*       Labelling of Casket: The exterior of the casket should bear an immovable plaque indicating the name, age, sex and place of final destination of the body

Provided that these documents meet with international regulations and accompany the human remains, then the Jamaican Health Department on receiving the shipment will issue a transit permit to enable Jamaican Customs at the Jamaican port of entry, be it an Airport, Seaport or General Post Office Customs, to accept the remains.

The Customs Officer, having received this transit permit and having been satisfied

*       of the identity of the deceased  

*        that it is intact and meets entry requirements

will release the human remains to the consignee, be it the next of kin or a  local Funeral Home/Undertaker.


The human remains shall be subjected to the following measures:

1. Thorough washing with an effective disinfectant of all orifices; packing of all orifices with cotton saturated with an effective disinfectant; wrapping in a sheet saturated with an effective disinfectant; and placing in an impervious coffin.



2. Proper embalming (arterial and cavity) and encasement in a plastic container which has been sealed by heat or by adhesive materials prior to placement in a non-impervious coffin. If cause of death was from a quarantinable disease then it should be placed in an impervious coffin. The impervious coffin must then be hermetically sealed. 

Cremated Remains:

*       Death certificate

*       Certificate of cremation. Evidence connecting the death certificate with the importation must be produced

NB: The human remains at entry into the country will be inspected and detained by the customs division at which time a retainer is issued. You will be further directed by them to the relevant Public Health Department office, where a minimal fee will be charged and a permit issued for clearance.

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