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Visa Educational
Visa Educational


*      Correspondence from educational institute confirming acceptance and length of time for studying in addition to clearance or permission from the Ministry of National Security & Justice to pursue studies in Jamaica. Clearance is usually sought on behalf of the prospective student by a representative of the educational institute where he/she wishes to study. Such clearance is usually communicated by facsimile transmission to the Consular office nearest the applicant's place of residence. It is important to ensure that the Consular post has received clearance prior to submitting the visa application

*      Medical certificate (which may be a letter signed by family physician) attesting freedom from all communicable diseases

*      Proof of how applicant intends to support himself/herself for duration of studies (Affidavit of financial support)

*      One (1) recent non digitized passport photograph (frontal view; no eyeglasses or headgear)

*      $11.00 Registered Mail or your personal FedEx account number (if desired)

*      (if desired)

*      Round trip airline ticket valid for at least one year

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